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Since 1991, at Tecnotarraco we have been serving as an official Honda dealer in Tarragona. Through our extensive facilities with 2,500 m2, Tecnotarraco makes available to its customers the widest range of new and second-hand vehicles and all After-sales services for their proper maintenance: spare parts, mechanical, electrical and repair shops. sheet metal and paint.

Our team of specialized professionals guarantees the best after-sales service and personalized attention. As a result of our extensive experience and commitment to our customers, we have now managed to become a dealer where you can 

enjoy the best services, with a close treatment and adapted to your needs, as our team will advise you on everything related to the purchase and maintenance of your vehicle.

All our growth year after year would not have been possible without the trust placed in us by our clients, our best asset, and also without the collaboration of the best team of professionals, always ready to offer the best products and services. Hence, we have decided to put this new service into operation: a portal where you can find everything you need, without leaving home and with the highest quality that only Tecnotarraco can offer you.

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  • C / Portugal s / n, plot 6 (Pol. Ind. Constantí)
    43120 Constantí
  • 877 550 056
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday: closed
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Early years of Honda
Soichiro Honda, born in a small village near Mount Fuji, is the son of a blacksmith. He shows a great interest in machines and helps his father repair bicycles. In 1922, he left school and went to Tokyo to work as a mechanic's apprentice. Six years later, he returns home and opens his own workshop. After two business failures due to war bombings, Soichiro realizes that Japan needs fast and cheap mobility after the war. That is why, in 1946, it occurred to him to assemble bicycles with generator motors that he had in surplus. This is how the first “Honda” came about. A year later the motorized bicycle is improved, and after success, Honda is manufactured on its first assembly line.
In 1948, Honda Motor Company was born. Soichiro Honda partners with Takeo Fujisawa and together they create a new company, where they have 34 employees. A year later, the first motorcycle was designed and developed entirely by Honda, called the "Dream" D-type.
The 50s: rapid growth and global expansion
In 1955, Honda became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, and today it is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. In 1958, they launched the Honda Super Cub, which is a simple and affordable motorcycle for everyone, which had exceptional features. It became affordable transportation for the masses and the biggest sales success ever. Four years later, they began their overseas expansion for the first time in the United States. American Honda Motor Co. Inc. was founded in Los Angeles.
The 60s: the taste of victory
In 1960, the company dedicated to R&D was created in Honda, which is established as a subsidiary of Gonda Motor Co. Ltd. A year after the defeat in the Isle Man TT competition, they returned to lead it. Also, in 1965, they won an F1 Grand Prix. In 1963, Honda began to sell automobiles and commercial vehicles. The T360 draws admiration for being a mini truck, and the S500, too, gets high praise for being a very agile sports car. In 1967, they launched an ingenious and attractive N360, a city car that was equipped with an air-cooled engine and accelerated smoothly. This marked the beginning of a success story for Honda in the manufacture of passenger cars.
Decade of 70's
In 1972 the famous Civic appears. A compact front-wheel drive car ideal for the 70s. 10 generations and 24 million units sold have passed and it still hasn't lost its popularity and presence. In 1975, they launched the CVCC engine in North America, which exceeds the stringent requirements of new emissions regulations without the need for a catalytic converter. A year later the first mid-size Honda car is launched: the Accord, which is offered as a four-door saloon and a three-door hatchback. Later the Prelude will appear, a five-door coupe version.
The 80s: high-tech decade
In 1981, Honda invented the first map-based vehicle navigation system. The Honda Electro Gyrolocator was offered on Accord models for the Japanese market ten years before the advent of GPS. In 1986, the first Honda luxury car was launched, as well as a new brand in the United States to market it: Acura. Honda became the first Japanese automaker to launch an independent premium division. Two years later, McLaren's Honda cars win 15 of 16 races.
The 90s: decade of icons
In 1992, two new factories were opened in Europe, specifically, one in the United Kingdom and one in Turkey. In 1995 one of the icons of the Honda was launched: the CR-V. This SUV received a great reception from the beginning and, currently, it has become the best-selling SUV. In 1999, taking advantage of the popularity of the moment, Honda launches a smaller model, the HR-V. In 1998, as a birthday present for Honda, they decided to create a sports two-seater. They renew the original S500 two-seater convertible with the new S2000 and its sporty spirit. One year later and with a vision of the future, Honda created the Insight vehicle, the first electric hybrid with a gasoline motorcycle, with incredibly low CO2 emission levels. It was the first hybrid car to be put up for sale in Europe.
In 2001, the sporty Civic Type R model is launched in Europe. Its popularity grows rapidly and it is exported all over the world. In 2002, the JAZZ model appears, an ingenious and supermini vehicle. Its fuel tank is located in the central part, achieving greater space efficiency, and its rear seats are multi-configurable. In 2006 they launched the FCX Clarity, the first hydrogen fuel cell car.
In 2014, Honda manages to sell a total of 300 million motorcycles and scooters, a more than considerable number. One year later, the first HondaJet takes off, a private jet for six passengers that offers a range of 2,200km and, thanks to its speed of 782km/h, it becomes the fastest Honda ever built. In 2016, Honda reach 100 million units produced. The year 2017 adds to the range of cars Honda, the NSX, a hybrid supercar with a VS gasoline engine and three electric motors, and the Civic Type R.

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