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BMW history
In its beginnings, BMW was dedicated to manufacturing aircraft engines, but after World War I, the brand adapted its activity because of the Treaty of Versailles that prohibited Germany from continuing to produce war material. This imposition stopped BMW's expansion plans.
In the transition period, BMW focused on making brakes and other components for agricultural machines, trains, and even furniture. For engineers accustomed to working with the latest technology, this approach tasted like little. For this reason, in 1920, the R32 began to be developed, a revolutionary motorcycle with an engine with two opposed cylinders that would be launched on the market in 1923.
BMW expansion into the world of cars
Thanks to the commercial success of the BMW R32, the brand was encouraged to expand its activities to the world of cars. The 303 was BMW's first own model. It stood out for its powerful six-cylinder engine, followed by the innovative 326 and 328. They quickly gained worldwide popularity for their quality, technical advances, and performance. Both on the street and in competition.
When World War II broke out, BMW had to adapt its factories to the production of military vehicles, and also increase the production of aviation engines.
During the postwar period, BMW's survival seemed doomed. However, thanks to the determination of managers and workers, it made it possible to get its industrial activity off the ground again. They manufactured kitchen utensils until, in 1948, the production of motorcycles was resumed, very essential in that period.
The BMW brand wanted to run too much to regain the prestige it enjoyed in the past. Forced, moreover, by stiff competition from Mercedes, they developed large sedans with V8 engines that were out of the economic reach of most. This failure forced the brand to rethink its strategy. In 1955, BMW tried again with a microcar named the Isetta, and although it had more than 160,000 sales, the company's financial situation worsened even further.
In 1959, BMW is acquired by a group of shareholders of Herbert Quandt. They knew how to see and bet on launching a medium-sized saloon on the market.
Signed by the stylists Giovanni Michelotti and Wilhmen Hofmeister, the 1500 was launched in 1962, a very modern car with above-average performance and dynamic behavior superior to that of its rivals. Thanks to the European prosperity of that decade, it boosted sales of the 1500, consolidating the brand as a world reference.
BMW News
Since then and today, BMW focuses on manufacturing refined sedans along with motorcycles, growing exponentially. The 3 Series has been one of the best-selling sedans in the world for years, accompanied by great successes such as the 5 Series and 7 Series. Along with the compact 1 Series, the new SUV formats (X1, X2, X3, X4) have been completed. , X5, X6 and X7) and coupe variants. BMW also jumps to electrification with the i8 and i3 model.

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