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History of BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad AG is part of the motorcycle business of the German manufacturer BMW, one of the major brands positioned in the sector due to the high quality of its materials.
In its beginnings, BMW was not a vehicle manufacturer, but dedicated to manufacturing aircraft engines. They decided to change sector in 1920 when their production was limited by the Treaty of Versailles. That year they began with the creation of motorcycle engines.
The first BMW engines were incorporated into the Victoria and Bayerische Flugzeug Werke motorcycles. The brand, initially, did not manufacture motorcycles, but engines for them.
The engines they created were Boxer engines that incorporated horizontally placed opposed cylinders.
As a result of their success, they decided to start creating their own motorcycles with the aim of making a profit and establishing themselves in the market.
In 1922, the first BMW motorcycle model, the BMW R32, was manufactured. In order for the engine to follow the same direction as the motorcycle itself, they placed it at 90 degrees. Unlike the bikes of that decade, they also changed the layout of the gearbox, they put a friction clutch together with a cardan so that they made the modifications in the gearbox of the rear wheel. Although there were similar motorcycles on the market, none had everything in one motorcycle like the BMW R32. Its engine had 494 cc and reached 97 km/h with a power of 8.5 CV. It became quite a milestone, marking a turning point for BMW. Currently, this BMW motorcycle was restored and belongs to a private collection.
In 1935 the successor model BMW R5 arrived, this motorcycle being the first in the world to incorporate a telescopic front fork along with hydraulic suspension.
BMW was the first brand to create a motorcycle during the postwar period. This was the BMW R24, created in 1948, with 12 horsepower and 247 cc. 10,000 units were manufactured in 1949 and 17,000 the following year.
In the 50s, the BMW R68 was launched, which was used in 100-mile races. Also, the R100Rs is created, which was the first to be created with a full fairing to improve aerodynamics. In addition, a feature that did not yet have any other was that the pilot could sit in an upright position.
To this day, the BMW brand continues to demonstrate that it is a worldwide benchmark in the motorcycle sector.

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