New 2021 design for MINI 3P, 5P and Cabrio

MINI 2021

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Deep makeover for him MINI 3 doors, the MINI 5 doors and the MINI Convertible.

The clear details of the new 2021 exterior MINI design give it a purist appearance that accentuates the design features that are already hallmarks. Additionally, the innovative multi-tone ceiling creates unique customization opportunities. Inside, the deeply redesigned cockpit underlines the premium character of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible. Attractive additions to the range of standard and optional equipment, new exterior paint finishes, light alloy wheels, interior and seat surfaces, as well as innovative technology, driver assistance systems, operability and connectivity , complete the latest update of the small models of the British brand.

Success Design

20 years after the launch of the current MINI, the latest generation of the model is presented in top form. The concept associated with the relaunch of the brand, that of manufacturing premium products for the small car segment, has become an unprecedented success story. Today, MINI is the epitome of driving agility combined with unmistakable looks; complying with the highest standards in terms of technology and quality in its category. “With this update, the MINI has reached a level of maturity that makes it more exceptional than ever in the small car segment in terms of design, substance and premium quality,” says Bernd Körber, Brand Director of the MINI. . “The MINI is the pioneer that stands out from the crowd and continues to reinvent itself time and time again.”

The global market launch of the latest edition of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible will begin in March 2021. In a model-specific version, the comprehensive upgrade in design, technology and premium quality also offers a renewed boosted the MINI Electric, the 100% electric * model to continue its successful offensive in the electric vehicle segment. The latest version of the sportier model, the MINI John Cooper Works **, and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, also benefit from a new 2021 design and specific character.

New design 2021; MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door, MINI Convertible: All the innovations at a glance.

  • Pure appearance thanks to the new front design.
  • Led headlights are now part of the standard equipment throughout the range.
  • The distinctive Side Scuttles of the side indicators now have a new design.
  • Redesigned rear bumper and LED taillights in the British Union Jack design now standard.
  • World innovation: multi-tone ceiling.
  • New body colors and light alloy wheels.
  • Newly designed interior air diffusers and surfaces.
  • Redesigned steering wheels, heated for the first time as an option.
  • Multifunctional instrument cluster with 5-inch color screen.
  • Center instrument cluster with new high-gloss trim in Piano Black finish, 8.8-inch display with modern graphics as standard.
  • Sports seats in the new Light Checkered color.
  • New ambient lighting with expanded functions as an option.
  • The adaptive chassis now features frequency-selective continuous damping.
  • Electric parking brake available for the first time.
  • Active Cruise Control now with Stop & Go function.
  • Increased safety thanks to the new Lane Departure Warning and bad weather light.
  • Piano black exterior with expanded features.
  • New equipment offer that allows specific customization.

“The biggest essence of MINI is visible at first glance and is noticeable everywhere,” says project manager Petra Beck. "This applies to the design, materials and quality feel in the interior, as well as the numerous new functions in terms of driving, driving fun and driver assistance."

New design MINI 2021
MINI Cooper S 3P 2021
MINI Cooper S 3P 2021

Puro MINI: the new exterior design 2021

A new exterior design language now places the unmistakable look of the MINI under an unmistakable purist approach. Above all, its improved aesthetics ensure that the central design features of the MINI are even more evident and modern thanks to its simplification. The front view of the MINI 3-door, including the MINI Electric, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible, is especially expressive. It is dominated more than ever by its distinctive grille, the hexagonal outline of which now takes up much more space, and by the distinctive round headlights of the MINI. The position lights are replaced by vertical air intakes with a clear outward orientation, which serve as opening for the Air Curtains in order to optimize aerodynamics. The center stripe on the bumper, which also functions as a license plate bracket, is now body-colored instead of black.

“The new 2021 design of MINI is more modern, fresher and clearer,” explains Oliver Heilmer, Head of Design at MINI. «All innovations follow a common goal: Pure MINI! Less complexity, greater personality.

The typical proportions of the MINI and its short overhangs continue to define the side view. The new contours of the wheel arches are striking. In addition, the side indicators integrated into the redesigned “Side Scuttles” now feature LED technology. A reduced surface design characterizes the rear of the combustion engine versions of the MINI. A black frame surrounds the hexagonal shape of the radiator grille. The rear fog lamp is now integrated into the rear apron as a narrow LED unit.


New design MINI 2021
MINI Cooper S 5P 2021

Every roof is unique: the exclusive multi-tone roof

The contrasting colors on the roof and on the exterior mirror caps is one of the most striking new 2021 design features that have made the MINI a pioneer in personalization. In addition to the Jet Black, Aspen White and Melting Silver paint, as well as Chili Red for the MINI John Cooper Works, an innovative and world-unique finish is offered for the roof of the MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door.

The new multi-tone roof features a color gradient ranging from San Marino Blue through Pearly Aqua to Jet Black, created from a new paint technique and extending from the windshield frame to the rear. To do this, the three color shades are applied one after the other in a wet-on-wet painting process. This paint finish, known as Spray Tech, is fully integrated into the mechanized production process of the MINI plant in Oxford, UK. However, there are slight deviations in the color pattern due to changing environmental conditions, which is why every MINI with a multi-tone roof is already unique from the factory.

“The new multi-tone roof for the MINI is not only the most expressive form of contrast paint to date, it also takes the brand's signature factory customization options to a new level,” says Oliver Heilmer, Design Director. of MINI. “And since each roof will look a little different and be unique, it will be more worth taking a closer look than ever.”

Three new exterior paint finishes, five new alloy wheels

The selection of body finishes includes three new colors. In addition to the Rooftop Gray Metallic and Island Blue Metallic exterior paint finishes, Zesty Yellow will also be available, initially only available on the MINI Convertible. As part of the Piano Black Exterior option, the door handles, Side Scuttles, fuel filler cap, MINI logos on the hood and tailgate, model lettering, and tailpipes are now finished High-Gloss Black, in addition to the contours of the headlights, radiator grille and taillights.

The range of light alloy wheels available for the MINI has also been completely revamped. There are five new models: in 17-inch diameter the Tentacle Spoke is now also available in black, the Scissor Spoke, previously only offered on the MINI Sidewalk Convertible, and a black version of the Pedal Spoke model, which until now only it had been introduced exclusively for the 60 Years Edition versions. In addition, 18-inch pulse spoke alloy wheels are offered, with a concentric two-tone look that creates impressive design details, as well as black John Cooper Works alloy wheels in Circuit Spoke design.


MINI Cooper S Cabrio 2021
MINI Cooper S Cabrio 2021

Darkened headlights, illuminated roads - LED lighting now standard

An expressive new version of the LED headlights will be standard equipment on the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible. The interior trim of the characteristic round headlights is no longer chrome, but black. The LED units for the low beam and high beam ensure a powerful and uniform illumination of the road. A light strip in the shape of a circumference takes over the function of daytime running lights and direction indicators.

The range of functions of the optional adaptive LED headlights includes cornering lighting, the Matrix function for the high beam and the bad weather light. When turning, a separate beam of light automatically illuminates the lane the driver is heading into. The high beam is also automatically regulated according to the traffic situation at speeds above 70 km / h. For this, each LED unit is divided into four segments that can be switched on and off independently of each other. This matrix function makes it possible to avoid dazzling other road users. As for the front camera, if it registers an approaching vehicle or a vehicle driving ahead, the space occupied by that vehicle is illuminated only by the low beam.

The bad weather light can also be activated with the push of a button. When visibility is limited due to, for example, heavy fog, rain or snow, the low beam can be complemented with cornering lighting to illuminate the road more intensely.

Union Jack taillights now standard

The distinctive Union Jack taillights are now also standard on the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible. The taillight graphic, inspired by the British flag, is especially accentuated with a darker version of the pattern. All the functions of the taillights are equipped with LED technology, with the exception of the reversing light.

Interior: clean design, high-quality finishes

The redesigned interior of the newly designed 2021 MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible is sophisticated, modern and of an especially high quality. New are the Light Checkered sports seats, which match perfectly with the Zesty Yellow exterior paint finish. Black Pearl fabric features an expressive new British-style checkerboard design from MINI. The seams in the transition to black imitation leather of the lumbar supports of the seats have a color combination that matches the fabric of the seat surfaces.

The new MINI 2021 design of the color line, previously available as an option, now harmoniously matches the color of the seat upholstery. The number of chrome elements has been considerably reduced throughout the interior. The two round air vents are now framed in black panels. The interior air vents have been completely redesigned and are recessed to be flush with the interior trim. This interior trim, optionally available in the new Silver Checkered and MINI Yours Aluminium finishes, as well as Electric for the MINI Cooper SE, now extends across the entire width of the instrument cluster to the driver's area.

8.8 inch color touch screen

The premium look of the distinctive central instrument panel has also been optimized. The 8.8-inch color touchscreen, touch-sensitive shortcut buttons and Piano Black high-gloss surfaces are now standard. In addition, the audio control unit and the buttons for activating the hazard lights and driver assistance systems are integrated even more harmoniously into the circular control unit. Along with optional ambient lighting, a new laser-etched engineered surface optimizes the appearance of the LED ring of light that surrounds the center instrument panel. The operating system control located in the center console now has a completely black surface in combination with the navigation system.

Sport leather steering wheel now standard, optional digital instrumentation

The newly designed 2021 leather sports steering wheel with multifunction buttons is standard on all versions of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible. A new button layout optimizes control of audio and telephone functions, voice control and driver assistance systems.

The John Cooper Works, MINI Yours and MINI Electric trim finishes offer a particularly sophisticated take on the sports leather steering wheel. It has an exclusive Nappa leather surface and larger thumb rests. For the first time, the heated steering wheel is also available as an option for the smaller MINI models.

One element of the optional Connected Media system is the multifunctional instrument cluster positioned behind the wheel. The color digital display in Black Panel design, standard on the MINI Electric, is 5-inch in size and displays all information relevant to driving, as well as control messages and status indications from the roadside assistance systems. driver. On the all-electric MINI it also functions as a charge level indicator while connected to the mains.

Choice of screen and lighting colors: new “Lounge” and “Sport” modes

You can choose between two color combinations for the central instrument panel and the digital cockpit instrumentation, which can be activated in the system configuration menu. In "Lounge" mode, the content displayed is a relaxing color, ranging between turquoise and petrol blue. If the “Sport” mode is activated, the screen environment is red and anthracite. On vehicles equipped with the optional MINI Driving Modes, the color scheme is linked to the selected vehicle configuration.

In MID and GREEN modes, the “lounge” style screen display is activated, and when driving in “SPORT” mode, the color combination of the same name is also activated. Optionally, in the system settings menu, a uniform color scheme can be set for all MINI Driving Modes.

Colors for everyone

Along with the new optional ambient lighting, the color worlds of the displays can also be combined with the interior light control. You can choose between six interior lighting colors for each of the two “Lounge” and “Sport” modes. Each of them can be adjusted using a switch installed in the upper area of the windshield frame. The corresponding colored light is projected from the ring of laser-engraved LEDs in the central instrument panel, from the underside of the interior surfaces - which are illuminated indirectly - along the contours of the door panels, in the driver's and passenger's door handles, from the base of the roof to the front area of the center console and in the footwells.

The interior of the newly designed MINI 2021 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible thus offers a configurable and always harmonious lighting environment. In addition, the optional Ambient Light system also illuminates the exterior door handles and entry areas on both the driver's and front passenger's side.


* Combined fuel consumption: 0.0 l / 100 km according to the WLTP cycle; combined consumption: 17.6 - 15.2 kWh / 100 km according to the WLTP cycle and combined CO emissions2: 0 g / km.
** Combined fuel consumption: 7.1 - 6.8 l / 100 km according to the WLTP cycle and combined CO emissions2: 161 - 155 g / km according to the WLTP cycle.
*** Combined fuel consumption: 7.4 -7.1 l / 100 km according to the WLTP cycle and combined CO emissions2: 167 - 161 g / km according to the WLTP cycle.


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