MINI Vision Urbanaut world exclusive

MINI presents the MINI Vision Urbanaut at #NEXTGen, a worldwide exclusive,

The MINI Vision Urbanaut offers more interior space and more versatility than ever, thus achieving a minimal environmental footprint.

"MINI has always been synonymous with 'Smart use of space'. In the MINI Vision Urbanaut we extend the private space to the public sphere, creating completely new and enriching experiences”Explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Director of BMW Group Design.

The MINI moments

“MINI sees herself in the future as the creator and companion of unforgettable moments, what we could call 'MINI moments'. The MINI Vision Urbanaut uses a selection of three MINI moments (“Chill”, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe”) to present a wide range of possible usage scenarios. The Chill moment invites you to take a breath and pause in the here and now. The car becomes a kind of place of isolation, a refuge where you can relax or work completely concentrated during a trip. Wanderlust is the only MINI moment in which the driver can choose between using the MINI Vision Urbanaut's autonomous driving systems or getting behind the wheel. The MINI Vibe moment allows you to enjoy time with other people as a setting in every sense,” explains Oliver Heilmer, Head of Design at MINI.

The exterior and interior change to reflect the MINI moment and give the experience the best possible scenario. A comprehensive user experience design, sustainable materials and a purely electric powertrain are the additional ingredients of the overall concept.


Interior design: a more creative use of space

As an innovative space concept, the MINI Vision Urbanaut has been designed from the inside out. The designers have shaped the experience of the interior space before developing the exterior. Also, with the use of floor plans, furniture pieces and scale wood models to provide an indication of size. Throughout the project, augmented reality has been used to create a digital model, which has subsequently evolved.

Unusually tall for a MINI, but only 4.46 m long, the MINI Vision Urbanaut provides an interior space that can be used in many different ways.


Electric powertrain and autonomous driving functions enable new ways of using the interior

Conceived from the outset as an electric vehicle with autonomous driving functions, the MINI Vision Urbanaut has allowed designers greater freedom in creating both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

“In 1959, the first Mini ushered in a small-scale revolution in the construction of transverse engine vehicles,” recalls Oliver Heilmer, MINI Chief Designer. "With the MINI Vision Urbanaut we have been able to rethink and increase the usable space inside the car even more in relation to its environmental footprint."

One space, a multitude of possibilities

The interior of the MINI Vision Urbanaut offers the ideal setting for a journey, but it is also the destination of the journey. Upon reaching your chosen destination it can be transformed into a living room in just a few steps. Occupants enter the innovative cabin through a large sliding side door. The state-of-the-art slide and tilt mechanism is ideally designed for urban driving conditions where space is at a premium. There are no more doors on the driver's or front passenger's side.

Driver's area with “Sofa Bed”, “Balcony to the Street” and “Cozy Corner” at the rear

An extremely flexible four-seat arrangement provides the basis for a bright interior. The two front seats are designed to rotate, while the generously sized rear seatbacks can be manually folded (left rear seat) and swiveled (right rear seat). When the car is stationary, the dashboard is lowered and the driver's area becomes a comfortable seating corner, a "Sofa Bed." In addition, when the windshield is stopped it can be folded upwards to create a kind of balcony to the street. This improves interaction with the car environment and creates an even more generous living experience.

Cozy Corner

The darker environment at the rear of the cabin provides a quieter space; the Cozy Corner. This area invites passengers to enjoy some time to themselves. A fabric “Circle”, which may have LED backlighting, runs the length of the sidewalk. Between the Cozy Corner and the driver's space is the open and ventilated center section of the car, offering quick access to all seating areas. With the door open it is even possible to sit on the floor. On the side of the car opposite the front door, a small table integrated with a plant adds a final touch to the interior equipment. The table represents the new central point of the car, the place where passengers meet, face and interact with each other.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

User interface and interaction design: "analog love, digital connection" as a basic principle

Intuitive and unobtrusive user interface solutions make it possible to eliminate conventional controls such as switches or buttons. This creates a cozy and welcoming 1TP13 space experience while maintaining full connectivity. The principle of making things as simple as possible to use (“natural interaction”) stands out for the “analog” experience. A tactile and haptic experience of initiating a function, for example, the tactile selector of the circular instrument installed in the bench of the rear seats. The circular instrument is now placed in the center of the car and moves the information to the place where people gather.

The “MINI Token”: the digital-analog interface for the MINI moments

The MINI Token is the centerpiece of the different worlds of the MINI Vision Urbanaut. It is approximately the same size as an anti-stress “stone” and activates the three preset MINI moments (“Chill”, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe”) when placed in the specially designed slots in the center table of the car. Other MINI moments are also found, such as “My MINI moment”. Here the user can set their own preferred scenery by choosing fragrance, ambient lighting or music to activate whenever they want.

Exterior design: the spirit of the brand in a new way

The pure minivan design of the MINI Vision Urbanaut brings new meaning to the “Creative Use of Space” approach. Continuous flush surfaces create a modern atmosphere with high-quality details. With the branding of the MINI, the wheels are positioned at the extremities of the body, with short spoilers that round out a compact and agile appearance.

New face MINI

The front end of the MINI Vision Urbanaut is a clear evolution of two award-winning MINI design icons: the headlights and the grille.

Placed under a milled aluminio frame with opening slots, the headlights are only visible when switched on. Thanks to its dynamic multicolored matrix design, it can display different multicolored graphics, creating a new form of communication between the car and the outside world that adapts to every moment. The lights on the MINI Vision Urbanaut complement the front “grille” to give the attractive look that characterizes every MINI. The closed grid itself is now octagon shaped, representing an evolution of the traditional hexagonal shape. Because the MINI Vision Urbanaut does not have a combustion engine that requires cooling, the grille becomes a smart panel for autonomous driving.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

Together with the front optics, the multi-color matrix dynamic taillights, covered by a milled aluminio housing, offer fresh aesthetics and present a different look in different driving modes and MINI moments. On closer inspection, the characteristic convex surfaces also pay homage to the earlier MINIs and the classic Mini. One more small detail: the frame of the rear windows refers to the shape of the front grille and underlines the stylistic consistency of the vehicle.

The clean shape of the exterior gives the car's colors, materials and details the perfect setting. The Zero Gravity matte exterior hue represents a transition from metallic green with blue highlights to a subtle shade of gray. The windows continue the design line of the body, which features a gradient from the bottom to the top. This creates a harmonious transition from the bodywork to the windows and roof. This stylistic pattern also provides some privacy without darkening the windows; the interior maintains clarity.

Illuminated skateboard wheels provide an eye-catching appearance

The high point of the exterior aesthetics of the MINI Vision Urbanaut when viewed from the side are its wheels, finished in the Ocean Wave color, a turquoise blue that highlights the association with the beach and the sound of the sea. The abstract profile of Union Jack tires is a nod to the car's British heritage, while its shape is reminiscent of a skateboard, further highlighting the agility of the MINI's hipster spin. Wheels also represent another way in which the car communicates with its surroundings. They can be transparent or with the interior illuminated, according to the selected MINI moment.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

MINI charms: tangible pleasures

Badges or “charms” are prominently displayed on the C-pillar on the driver's side. These remember the places to which the vehicle has traveled. Festivals or other events, in the form of a pin or sticker, and are displayed as collectibles behind glass, as if they were in a display case. The MINI charms are also an expression of the passion for travel and recall what the user has experienced with the MINI Vision Urbanaut, as the stickers of the caravans or the badges on the mountain poles did in the past. A charm is dedicated to the #NextGen platform, on which the MINI Vision Urbanaut will be presented to the world. Another has a QR code that, when scanned, allows access to In this way, the analog and digital world also come together outside the car.

Expressing the MINI moments inside and outside

If one of the three MINI moments is activated by placing the MINI Token in the table slots, this is indicated from the outside through various surfaces on the front and rear as well as on the rims. Inside, all geometry - including the seats, dashboard / sofa bed shape and backrest positions - can be manually adjusted based on the selected MINI timing. The circular clock of the instrumentation also changes. Fragrance, sound and ambient lighting reinforce the initially chosen mood through the MINI moment.

Moment MINI Chill: an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city

At the MINI Chill moment, the MINI Vision Urbanaut becomes a place of isolation, an urban refuge. While the rear bench (Cozy Corner) is configured in positions that invite sitting or lying down, the upper backlit ride takes on a tree canopy-inspired look, which can be dimmed. Background music and atmospheric sounds of nature are also incorporated into this setup. In the central area, the circular clock on the instrumentation folds up to become a table lamp. In this way, it eliminates the screens or switches that can remind the user that he is inside a car. From the outside, the MINI Chill moment is displayed as an abstract representation of the treetops, surrounding the front and rear optics and the wheels.

MINI Wanderlust moment: the joy of traveling together

Wanderlust is the only one of the three MINI moments when the MINI Vision Urbanaut is on the move. In this configuration, the interior becomes the ideal place to drive the car, or for the car to direct itself, allowing the occupants to rediscover their passion for travel. The central instrumentation circular clock user interface adapts its graphics to show a world of travel inspired by the tourist posters of the 1950s and 1960s. An animation shows the route and additional information about the route - such as recommendations. and the time of arrival - who is on board. The illuminated path on the rear bench represents the movement with a simulated blur of the landscape, in orange and turquoise.

Ready for autonomous driving, or not

When the user wants to drive, the simple act of touching the MINI logo enables the steering wheel and pedals, which appear in plain sight. A minimalista parallax display on the dash provides trip instructions and / or hazard alerts. There are no other driving-related displays on the dashboard. When autonomous driving is activated the steering wheel and pedals are retracted and the driving screen disappears from the dashboard. On the outside of the car, the front and rear ends signal through the Matrix LED headlights if the autonomous mode is activated or if the user is driving.

MINI Vibe moment: sharing moments with others

At the MINI Vibe moment, the MINI Vision Urbanaut opens up to people and their environment, offering an experience of union and interaction. Opening the door and lowering the windshield creates a welcoming scene that eliminates the boundaries between outside and inside. In the midst of a world of magenta and black colors, with turquoise reflections, the MINI Vision Urbanaut provides a meeting place that can be quiet or noisy. The circular clock on the central instrumentation becomes a multimedia control center, while an animated equalizer moves to the beat of the music and is projected onto the front, rear, wheels and the path onto the rear bench, creating a pleasant atmosphere as if it were a club. If those on board wish, the car can even simulate a classic portable boombox.

Digital services connected with the MINI Vision Urbanaut

The concept behind the MINI Vision Urbanaut includes services designed to make using the car an enriching and seamless experience. For example, the MINI Vision Urbanaut can be opened using smart devices so that, consistent with its status as the mobility option of the future, it can be accessed by anyone within a limited group of family and friends. The user can listen to playlists, audiobooks or podcasts adapted to the route and to the moment, and that can be explored during the trip in the Wanderlust moment. A personal trip planner displays tips and points of interest (POI) tailored to each person, as well as recommendations from the MINI Community. These can be proposed and selected as desired.

Sustainable materials and a responsible mindset

The MINI Vision Urbanaut is characterized by the responsible use of resources. In addition to maximum space with a minimum carbon footprint and its electric motor, the MINI Vision Urbanaut takes a responsible approach to the use of materials. This is achieved not only by reducing the number of components in the exterior and interior design, but also by allowing them to double function. Along with using recycled materials, this also means avoiding chrome and leather. The most widely used material in the interior is knitted fabric, which combines quality and a cozy feeling with softness and comfort. The use of cork on the steering wheel and on the floor gives it a special touch thanks to its natural touch. Likewise, it ensures a truly pleasant indoor environment.


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