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The Oliva Motor Group is a family business holding mainly dedicated to the automotive sector. Peugeot Official Dealer since its origins, in 1965, it has grown both in the number of brands and in business centers. Present in Tarragona, Reus and Tortosa, with sales centers for new and used vehicles, after-sales service and sale of spare parts. With the BMW brand we also have a presence in Girona since 2017.

Highly specialized group with more than 300 professionals focused on customer quality, has been awarded several times with the recognition of the highest quality dealer nationwide by various manufacturers.

PROTEGO is the insurance brokerage of the Grup Oliva Motor, provincial leader in the volume of intermediated premiums, offering its clients the possibility of choosing between more than 50 insurance companies.

The group is represented on the management bodies of the various dealer associations, the workshop union, as well as chambers of commerce.

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Grup Oliva Motor, a leading company in the automotive sector and associated companies in the province of Tarragona, with more than 50 years of experience in providing professional services as dealers of different brands, has extended its activity over the years to insurance, logistics services and the real estate sector.

We are in a phase of growth and expansion of our businesses and also of the territorial areas where we provide services, following the European growth model that prevails above all in the automobile sector, an area that encompasses a very important part of our activity.


In 2019 our group closed the year with a human team of 320 people and an annual turnover of 177M euros.


Our business DNA, the values applied in business management, professional specialization in our areas of activity, our commitment to the team and working with a spirit of constant improvement; It has placed us in a leadership position in our area of natural influence, the province of Tarragona, and has allowed us to undertake our expansion to other geographical areas.

In the automotive field we have the exclusivity of the brands PEUGEOT, CITROEN, BMW, MINI, BMW MOTORRAD, HONDA, OMODA and JAECOO for the province of Tarragona and also exclusively the brands BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad in Girona.

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